Restaurant Review: Giuseppe’s Ritrovo

Mar 31, 2016 641

by John Marshall

Giuseppe's Ritrovo has been a fixture in Bexley for 20 years, and the name "ritrovo"—Italian for "hangout"—is fitting here. Most nights of the week, the place is bustling, and most weekends, it's jammed. Guests come because their friends do, because of the way the family who runs the place treats them and because of the wonderfully friendly service. They come for the delicious food, which is mostly Italian, some Italian-American and reliably good.

Nothing served is cutting edge, but neither is it complacent. New dishes show up regularly, and some are even a little challenging. Take the grilled octopus appetizer—there's nothing especially unusual there; the dish is a dice of well-dressed, braised octopus pieces atop a (very) lemony arugula salad ($15).

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