Old-school Italian food a mainstay at Scali Ristorante for nearly 30 years

Jan 11, 2023 237

Even though pizzas were introduced two years ago, they are still considered new at Scali Ristorante in Reynoldsburg. Frank Scali, who owns the restaurant at 1903 Reynoldsburg-Baltimore Road with his wife, Judy, has kept the menu pretty much the same since it opened nearly 30 years ago.

“It’s consistent, the same thing all time,” Scali said. The family has kept the culinary traditions of Calabria, the southwest Italian region from which the Scalis emigrated. The pizzas are a blend between Roman and Neapolitan styles, using imported flour the making the homemade dough, which proofs for two days.

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SOURCE: https://eu.dispatch.com

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