New Logan Square Italian Restaurant Showcases Multiculturalism via Street Food

Aug 27, 2020 159

BY: Ashock Selvam

The former Quiote space is roaring once again, thanks to Aldo Zaninotto. Last month, Zaninotto opened Testaccio in Logan Square. It’s a new Italian restaurant inspired by the Roman neighborhood where the restaurant takes its name, serving a blend of cuisines from Greek, Malta, Turkey, and Morocco. Zaninotto’s background is in wine, but many Chicagoans may know from Osteria Langhe, a well-regarded Italian restaurant specializing in Piedmontese cuisine.

Educating Chicago on the delights of regional Italian food is important to Zaninotto. He wants Americans to know there’s more than Italian-American red sauce. Testaccio has three main components: the main dining room, a basement wine lounge, and a patio that will eventually serve street food out of a food truck parked in the space at 2456 N. California Avenue.

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