Mazzone & Sons Bakery closes after more than 80 years of operation

Apr 10, 2021 667

BY: Steven Hernandez

Mazzone & Sons Bakery is closed after decades of baking fresh goods in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, as announced Thursday by another local business online. “It’s like we lost a friend,” Tony Campagna, who works at Gust Gallucci Italian Foods, a market that purchased baked goods from Mazzone’s for years, said.

Gallucci’s published a Facebook post detailing the closure of the business. “Losing them is heartbreaking, as we lose yet another old-world tradition to time,” the post read; it now has over 1,000 positive reactions. According to Marc Kotora, a fourth-generation worker at Galluci’s, he received a call from the bakery’s owner, Frank Mazzone, in March. Frank revealed he was shutting down by the end of the month.

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