The Homemade Spaghetti From Nino's Italian Restaurant In Greater Cleveland Is So Big, It Could Feed An Entire Family

Oct 23, 2023 1148

BY: Nikki Rhoades

Every so often, a piece of literature is so thought-provoking, we can’t help but carry it with us. One story that haunts me — and I don’t even remember its name anymore, to my chagrin — was a required reading piece in a school textbook, perhaps in middle school. It chronicled the experience of an early Italian immigrant in America who was sad because she couldn’t find any pizza.

Her young family members researched this strange pizza dish, and it didn’t sound appetizing to them, but they made it for her nonetheless. As it baked, the rich aromas hit them… can you imagine smelling pizza for the first time?! Tasting pizza for the first time? What an incredible moment.

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