Eataly Chicago Opens Chain's First-Ever Roman-Style Pizza Concept

Jun 15, 2016 741

In their first move after closing Baffo, Eataly Chicago today will open a second pizza concept. It's called Pizza alla Pala, named after the wooden paddles the puffy central Italian pizzas are served on. The opening is described as a way to liven-up the second floor piazza and is expected to be the first in a series of moves.

No, they're aren't replacing one pizza spot with another. The pizzas served at Pala come from a Polin electric oven, differing from the wood-burning oven pizzas from Eataly's Pizza Napoletana on the other side of the second floor. Pala's pizzas are oval-shaped. Some toppings are added after they come out of the 580-degree oven. The Neapolitan pizzas are baked at 900 degrees, in comparison.

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