Cent’ Anni brings Italian amaro bar to Little Italy

Mar 03, 2024 1111

BY: Paris Wolfe

Cent’ Anni opened somewhat quietly in Little Italy just before Thanksgiving. But the buzz around this hard-to-find Italian Amaro bar is growing louder and louder. It’s easy to see why the intimate 40-seat space is getting attention. The name has Cent Anni, which means “may you live 100 years,” and suggests a story. Cent’ Anni is pronounced ‘chent ah-knee.’ 

While new, the interior aesthetic has drama and history. The vintage bar is from the Terminal Tower and tall paintings are from a downtown department store circa 1940s. The cocktail vibe suggests the bartender and/or owners are well-traveled. (They are.) The craft cocktail list offers original drinks and classic cocktails with a twist. What they have in common is the presence of an amaro. The unconvinced can order non-amaro drinks.

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SOURCE: https://www.msn.com

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