You gotta keep one eye on Italy to run an Italian market in Philly

Aug 21, 2015 832

by Emma Jacobs

"The Italian Market" is a landmark of South Philadelphia. It's billed as the oldest open-air market in the country, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The local business corridor runs along a narrow street in an old row house neighborhood. The street is lined with tables that are loaded down with fruits and vegetables and plants. These days, they're mostly run by Mexican and Asian immigrants, a sign of how the neighborhood has evolved.

But the shops selling chocolates, meat and pasta still have mostly Italian names on the northern end. They have a loyal fan base of the neighborhood's long-time Italian residents and their descendants who return from the suburbs for familiar foods. Emilio Mignucci runs one of the most successful shops, Di Bruno Bros. It has been in the same family for more than 75 years. The unofficial Mayor of the Italian Market has great affection for the history of the neighborhood and its traditions.

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