Tasty Tuesday: Mia Margherita Coal Fired Pizzeria & Market

Jul 28, 2017 778

Mia Margherita in Bridgeport specializes in simple, fresh Italian dishes, made from recipes handed down through generations. "It's part of my personal heritage and the areas heritage; it's a celebration of food," said Scott Duarte, owner of the pizzeria. Their star attraction is the coal fired pizza, which is made in front of customers.

"That's the original way that pizza came to the United States, through coal-fired pizzerias. So we're paying homage to those roots," Duarte said. The dough is made fresh daily and sits over night to rise. Then, the dough is pulled on a marble slab. Originally from Peru, Chef Pamela DeLaude gained pizza-making experience when she worked in Italy for several years. The chef explained the process of making a perfectly round piece of dough.

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SOURCE: http://www.wdtv.com

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