Sapore Italiano BYOB in Cape May

Apr 08, 2022 288

One of the best restaurants in Cape May is Sapore Italiano BYOB. This charming Italian restaurant is a BYOB venue that offers traditional, family-style Italian food. Located in a renovated Victorian home, this eatery is a beautiful place for Italian dining. The menu features classic dishes with locally grown ingredients. Fresh seafood is also used to create a menu filled with everything from clams to mussels.

The restaurant is in a restored Victorian home on South Broadway in West Cape May, between Congress Street and Sunset Boulevard. The setting is cozy and "old-world" with a beautiful mantle, and you'll find the atmosphere to be warm and inviting. This fine-dining restaurant is a BYOB option and offers a traditional Italian menu. Although the prices are high, the quality of the food is top-notch.

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