NJ TikToker Might Be Most Famous Pizzaiolo In America

Jul 07, 2022 368

BY: Cecilia Levine

Known as SallySlices on TikTok and Instagram, Mandreucci has more than 4 million combined followers making him the most famous pizzaiolo in the US, as first reported by the New York Post. His videos attract customers from across the US to his dad's shop, Marcello’s Pizza Grill in Hamilton Square, and the phone rings off the hook with people looking to talk to him.

But he's in the back making the product and his content. Nearly every day, Mendreucci posts a video of him effortlessly working dough alongside an inspirational quote. "The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret," he says in one while flipping dough around in the pizza shop, then panning to himself in a baseball cap and leather jacket.

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SOURCE: https://dailyvoice.com

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