Negroni Week: The world's best cocktail and where to get it

Sep 17, 2021 497


I can almost taste it before it arrives. I can certainly visualize it: a crystal rock glass glistening with a striking ruby-colored liquid, a slice of orange or orange peel floating above.  As soon as I sit down at a restaurant or a cocktail lounge, even before the runner pours water into my glass, I know what I'll be having. I'll pretend to scrutinize the cocktail menu. But my mind was made up long ago. Let others order those new concoctions.

A Negroni, please. Is there a more perfect drink? Or a more beautiful one? Equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, this Italian marvel takes on the stunning color of a blood orange or a ruby gemstone. It is unabashedly sexy. It doesn't rely on its looks for its appeal though. 

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