The best Italian delis in New Jersey that are actually Italian

Feb 11, 2022 3393

Italian delis are a staple of regular shopping trips for most New Jerseyans. Not just because nearly 1 in 5 New Jerseyans are "Italian-American" but because they offer some of the most delicious food you can buy. A quick note on the percentage of Italian Americans in the U.S.: After the 2000 census, the government dropped the designation so there are no great stats on the actual percentage.

Typically, New Jersey is #2 or #3 behind Rhode Island and Connecticut, but either way, we're at the top of the list. We do hold the top spot in the country where more than half the residents are Italian in Fairfield, NJ. My favorite thing to buy at any local Italian deli is the hot soppressata. Typically hanging behind the counter it's perfect for any cheese board or to add to home fries.

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