Alfonso's Pastry Shoppe brings old-fashioned touches to Cranford

Aug 01, 2016 899

THE EXPANSION of an Italian pastry shop from Staten Island to Cranford was never intended, but when Christina Campitiello visited the location, she just couldn't resist. It was like a scene from a movie. "The town was so perfect," she says. "We were there for one minute — it felt like home."

Campitiello knows from movie scenes. The original Alfonso's in Staten Island was featured in 1983's "Easy Money." It's a hilarious scene, with Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci navigating, treacherously, a towering wedding cake festooned in pink flowers out of the bakery — Alfonso's Bakery and Scungilli — and loading it into the back of a red Dodge van, which belongs to Nicky's Plumbing. (It's secure there, they assure each other, since it's wedged against a toilet.)

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