The Week of Italian Cuisine highlights Mediterranean diet and Apulia’s traditional food

Nov 30, 2018 665


The Mediterranean Diet as a model of proper eating, as a balanced and sustainable lifestyle for both health and environment, was the main topic of the third edition of The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. Promoted by the Consulate General, the event was held from November 12 to 18 and offered a rich calendar filled with masterclasses, workshops, exhibits, films, lectures, and galas. All the events had one goal in mind: making Italian food excellence known in the world.  

“Together with art, history and beautiful landscapes, the cultural contribution of typical Italian products is among the most significant legacies of our country. For this reason,” Consul General Antonio Verde - who celebrates the event for the last time in LA, as he reaches the end of his US mandate -  underlines “the week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a precious occasion to celebrate Italy and to promote the healthy and sustainable lifestyle of the Mediterranean Diet, that embodies the distinctive features of our identity.” 

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