Tri-Valley Cuisine Scene: Danville's Lotsa Pasta serves up Italian fare, homestyle charm

Sep 02, 2015 467

By Beth Jensen

A meal at downtown Danville's Lotsa Pasta is less like dinner out than a home-cooked meal at a good friend's house, and that's the way owner Tom Lembo likes it. "I used to have big dinners put on at my house," recalled Lembo. "Then we opened this small little place .... Sometimes when I'm down here it's like people are coming to our house, I swear."

On a recent weekday, Lembo held forth at the counter, taking orders and acknowledging most customers by name as they requested their favorites, including freshly-made meatloaf; chicken scaloppini; cannelloni filled with ricotta, chicken and spinach; and conchiglie -- pasta shells with white Gorgonzola sauce, grilled chicken and sausage. 

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