Piero Selvaggio, “History of L.A. Italian Restaurants” in Los Angeles

Oct 07, 2015 879

Richard J. Riordan Central Library
630 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, California 90071

Evolution of Italian cuisine in Los Angeles from 1950 to now—including the classic restaurants from the early days of fine dining to the trattorias of today—influences, changes and current state of Italian food in the United States through Piero's personal experience and insider perspective. Born in Modica, Sicily, Piero Selvaggio immigrated to the United States, arriving in Brooklyn at the age of 18. After washing dishes at a New York University cafeteria he moved to Los Angeles to live with an uncle who was a manager at the legendary Chasen's. Piero was given a job as a busboy, attending college during the day. Within five years, he advanced from busboy to manager, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Romance languages, speaking fluent French, Spanish, English and Italian.

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Source: http://losangeles.eventful.com/

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