The Italian pizzeria from Eat Pray Love is coming to the US

Feb 08, 2019 266


The book and movie phenomenon that was Eat Pray Love had people dreaming of trips that would take them around the world in search of delicious food, spirituality and true love. However, if you’re one of the readers who would be happy enough to just stick to the “eat” portion of the story, but don’t have plans to head to Italy anytime soon, you’re still in luck. The Italian pizzeria featured in both the book and film is opening up its first US location in Los Angeles.

Da Michele, the long-running pizzeria in Naples’ historic centre, is famous for its simplicity and delicious food. The straightforward shop only offers up two types of pizza, margherita and marinara, but it’s still tasty enough to inspire long line-ups of customers. It got an extra boost of fame when Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about eating there in her memoir, and was then also featured in the film starring Julia Roberts.

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