Gianluca Legrottaglie and the American dream (come true)

May 13, 2022 202

BY: Giuseppe Carrus

Let's start from the end. Gianluca Legrottaglie is about to open a restaurant in Walnut Creek and another one in the Marina district of San Francisco. The former is 54Mint Forno, named after his Italian (even if it would be better to say Roman) restaurant in 16 Mint Plaza, while the latter is Montesacro, the pinseria born in Stevenson Street (also in town) and replicated in Brooklyn.

A time of intense ferment that coincides with a great restart after two difficult pandemic years, during which ideas, courage, vision and determination never lacked. Let’s take a physical and temporal step back, more precisely to New York, where for Gianluca it all started. 

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