Culinary Collabs: Italian Chef Mario Batali & NorCal’s Belcampo Meat

Dec 25, 2015 867

by Flora Tsapovsky

The trend of lucrative collaborations has reached an unexpected frontier – charcuterie! The superstar of everything Italian Mario Batali and Belcampo Meat Co, the prime Northern Californian destination for prime cuts, announced a gourmet 'collection' of collaborative salumi called "Belcampo by Mario Batali".

The new line, combining American and Italian curing techniques, is all about the classics, with the famous Batali twist. The Spicy Pepperoni hosts notes of fennel and cayenne, the Cotechino sausage is spiced with cloves and nutmeg, and the Mortadella is seasoned with allspice. There's also Traditional Salami for the conservative folk. Prices range from $11-$13 per piece, and all the delicious-sounding products are already available at the designated online store, as well as the Belcampo stores, which include stores and restaurant locations in Marin, Downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, with plans to expand to additional markets, including Oakland.

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