La Motta's Italian Specialties Opens Today

Oct 28, 2015 653

by Dana Hatic

When Union Bar & Grill closed in December 2014, The Aquitaine Group (Metropolis, Gaslight, Cinquecento) developed a new concept to join its family of restaurants. La Motta's Italian Specialties, a nod to mid-20th century Italian-American restaurants, officially opens today, October 27, at 1357 Washington St. in the South End.

Chef Justin Winters directs La Motta's kitchen, which will crank out classic entrees like house-pickled giardinara, broccoli cacio pepe, meatballs, chicken parmesan, and a Bronx-style, thin-crust pizza. "It is authentic Italian American cuisine that is rooted on regionalism and the accessibility that immigrants had on ingredients in America. This is an American food story," owner Seth Woods said in a release.

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