2017 Filitalia International Scholarship Ceremony

Dec 02, 2017 1268

On November 29, in a cheerful atmosphere and the beautiful setting of the restaurant Marzano in Jenkintown PA, twenty-two male and female youngsters were celebrated by their families and members of Filitalia International, and received the Filitalia International Scholarships for only members, and Filitalia Foundation Scholarships for members and non-members who are studying the Italian Language. The scholarships were financed with funding donated by generous donors.

Some donors were Dr. Fred Simeone, a retired neurosurgeon and founder of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia, who funded the scholarship awarded to high school graduates attending university for Engineering or Biology, Mr. Robert Facchina, a businessman and philanthropist who financially contributed to the Filitalia International Exchange Program, and Mr. Peter & Ms. Mathilda Fabrizio, who paid for the scholarship awarded to high school graduates entering university and studying the English language in Italy or the Italian language elsewhere in the world.

Recipients range from first grade to graduate students, and live in NJ, PA, DE and Italy. The scholarship award embodies Filitalia International's commitment to promote the diffusion of Italian language, culture, history, and tradition among the younger generations. Most of Filitalia International Board of Directors attended, including, among others, the current President Mr. Marc Virga, Vicepresident Ms. Paula Bonavitacola, Founder Dr. Pasquale Nestico, immediate past President Ms. Rosetta Miriello, President of the Culture and Language Committee Ms. Anna Dinardo. Also celebrated were Camden County Chapter President Mr. Anthony Mallace, and New Castle County Chapter Dr. Antonio Paesano, who received the President's Awards.

SOURCE: Filitalia International

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