Texas meets Italy in Cathy Borlenghi's new Mrs. B jewelry

Jan 02, 2014 1692

By Sarah Rufca

If there's anyone who can fuse Old-World Italian elegance and Texas extravagance, it's Cathy Borlenghi. The native of Milan has adopted Houston as her hometown, but she's still committed to continental luxury. Her developer husband, Giorgio, is behind the stately Hotel Granduca and the Uptown Park shopping center, and Borlenghi previously owned a shop featuring handpicked Italian leather handbags and belts.

And now Borlenghi is once again blending Italian craftsmanship with Texan tastes, collaborating on an exclusive new line of jewelry that bears her name: Mrs. B. "I'm probably a little bit more daring here. If I still lived in Milan I would be doing more subtle things, more classic - but for Texas style it's still classic, but with a twist," said Borlenghi.

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Source: http://www.chron.com/

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