Attorney Brancaccio at the National Association of Immigration Lawyers

Mar 23, 2024 885

March 21, 2024, National Day of Action organized by the National Association of Immigration Lawyers (AILA) based in Washington DC. Attorney Brancaccio- Honorary Consul of Italy, chosen with other 200 lawyers to speak on behalf of immigrants. Divided into teams, they met Senators and Deputies starting from Washington DC and reaching all states.  

Attorney Brancaccio was assigned to Florida's 21st District where she met with representatives of Republican Congressman Brian Mast. The meeting took place with Dr Isabella Robertson. During the meeting, the attorney discussed issues such as the long waits for visas and the slowness of the proceedings.

She also underlined how many immigrants holding temporary visas, including investors, are in a limbo because their visa does not allow them to obtain permanent residency. She further underlined how these problems have a strong impact on the principle of family unity and the country's economic growth, issues that the conservative wing hold dear.

Ms. Brancaccio asked support for the approval of the American Dream Act and Pass Real Court, Rule of Law for Independent Immigration Court. The first, she explains, would make it possible for many holders of temporary visas to obtain permanent residence. One of the issues discussed was the law requiring dependents of visa holders (children) who have reached the age of 21 to leave the country. Very often brought to the States at a very young age they build a normal life like all adolescents, but the system does not offer guarantees. Many immigrants who contribute positively to the American economy do not get the stability they deserve. This is an issue that was discussed with the administration and Ms. Brancaccio firmly asks for answers.

The second act will transition the immigration system into an independent body consistent with the constitution. The judges are appointed by the Attorney General and need to follow the administration priorities and regulation lacking independence in the decision process. This is a violation of fundamental rights she explains.

The attorney says to be satisfied with the result obtained but demands actions. The interlocutors expressed strong interest in the topics addressed and promised to follow up with the Washington DC reform office.

“The immigration system in the United States is old and outdated. Reforms need to occur to face the reality of a new economy and new migration. The US is founded on immigration and all the current issues are hurting the economy and the life of individuals. I am grateful to the National Association of Immigration Lawyers for giving me the opportunity to be the voice of millions of immigrants” says attorney Brancaccio.

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