Rochester Mayor and City Administration publish $100K 'Commercial Corridor Study' report, signaling an apparent unwillingness to acknowledge the presence of Italian-Americans and dozens of long-standing Italian-American businesses operating in the Lyell C

Jul 03, 2019 226

The Little Italy Association has obtained a copy of the Lovely Warren administration's $100,000 "Commercial Corridor Study" report, published a few days ago by the City Administration and its private consultant, Place Dynamics. The Little Italy Association participated in the study as an invited member of the study's focus group, as did Italian-American business owners from the Lyell corridor. The study was funded with public funding, in the amount of $50,000 from NY State, and $50,000 in city taxpayer dollars. The study addresses eight commercial corridors located across the City of Rochester.

The $100K study's report incorrectly refers to Lyell Avenue as "Lyell Street" and seems to signal the city administration's apparent intent to allow both the publication and distribution of inaccurate and misleading statements about Italian-Americans and Italian-American businesses in the Lye II Ave corridor.

The commercial corridor study's report also includes statements such as: "There is a current attempt to brand Lyell Avenue as 'Little Italy'. This draws on the district's roots, although there are no longer any ethnic Italian businesses, though there are many from Asian, Hispanic and other ethnic communities."

Below is a partial list of Italian-American businesses and property owners currently in the Lyell corridor. Note: There are dozens more and no other cultural group has as many businesses in the Lyell corridor. DiPaolo Baking Co. - Santa Motors - Mid City Signs Olindo's Cash and Carry - Syracuse Collision - Cira Brothers Repair Perrrs Pizza - LiDestri Foods -Joe Esposito/Cordial Lounge Rocky's Restaurant - Rocco's Liquor & Wines - Dave Rucci Repair & Properties Modern Signs - Antonetta's Restaurant - Divincenzo's Center City Liquor - Linda's NV( Pizzeria - Frank's Upholstery Flat Iron Café - Petrillo's Building - Chinappi Properties Smokin Joe's - Lippa Properties - A&A Auto DiGiacco's Pizza - Little Italy Association - Tucci's Sparky's Auto & Sound - College Club & Fizz Pop - Zweigle's/Mama Camardo's (At border of City and Gates, along Lyell Ave corridor: Martusciello's, Diplomat Banquet Center, Etna Pastry, Viccaretti Dental, Mama Napoli Foods, Giuseppe's Bakery, Papa Joe's, Paulino's Restaurant.)

Rochester's Little Italy Historic District was officially designated at the local-level by Rochester City Council on June 2, 2019. (Please see City Council proclamation below). Both state and national-level recognition are also being pursued. The study's new report, however, seems to indicate controversy, and a potential move by the current City Administration in the opposite direction of Rochester City Council (and the will of the people), with regard to the Lyell Avenue corridor and Rochester's Little Italy Historic District.

SOURCE: Little Italy Association

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