Donzella’s new NYDC space is part exhibition, part showroom

Dec 09, 2020 291

BY: Marina Felix

Step off the elevator on the 15th floor of 200 Lex, and you might be expecting just another showroom. But Paul Donzella, founder of antique gallery Donzella Ltd., has spent the last several months transforming a second showroom space across the hall into a gallery-like exhibition that showcases an impressive collection of pieces by Milanese furniture designer Osvaldo Borsani.

The notion of an antique exhibition isn’t exactly new to Donzella. In his previous spaces, he often dedicated a portion of the floor to curated exhibitions that featured a particular designer or theme. Doing so, however, requires a sizable investment of time, space and money—not only does Donzella need to acquire enough pieces to populate a stand-alone exhibition, but the process also freezes that inventory in the months leading up to the big event. 

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