Don't Be Surprised If Alfa Romeo's Next Model Is FWD

May 08, 2019 835

Since its return to the North American market back in 2014, Alfa Romeo has remained a bit of an unknown to the majority of consumers. Prior to 2014, Alfa Romeo hadn't sold a car in the US since 1995, unless you count the highly limited 8C sports car, so you can forgive people for not being well-acquainted with the Italian brand. The situation certainly wasn't helped when Alfa returned to the US with the 4C, a small, two-seater sports car but the brand should finally be gaining traction with the arrival of the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV.

At the 2019 New York Auto Show, we spoke to Bob Broderdorf, Director of Alfa Romeo North America and Benjamin Lyon, Head of Product Marketing, about how the company plans to increase its market share in the US with new models. Alfa only currently offers three models but has stated in its five-year plan that more are coming, including the recently revealed Tonale Concept SUV.

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