Tommy Guarino puts the work in to make his digital dream a reality

Mar 17, 2022 357

BY: Jason Greenough

Tommy Guarino had a stereotypical Boston upbringing, and he’s fully embraced all of it. Not out of pride, per se, but rather as a matter of creative inspiration. Hailing from East Boston, the 22-year old Guarino still lives in the same triple-decker house that his grandmother bought back in the ‘70s, and when it comes to tradition and idiosyncrasies, growing up in a big Italian family carries much of both.

It may sound like the plot to a Mark Wahlberg movie, but it is in fact, Guarino’s reality, and that day-to-day life can be found interwoven in the creative force behind his highly popular TikTok and Instagram videos that touch on everything from what the hold you have on your Dunkin’s cup says about you to the exaggerated but still comically accurate depiction of how Bostonians operate.

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