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Sergio Carvajal-Leoni is a Texan artist born in Puerto, Ordaz Venezuela.He has spent the past 15 years working in diverse areas of the media industry, achieving different accolades, especially in the realm of film and video making. Sergio is the co-o

Stefania is an Italian graphic designer who is madly in love with New York City. She’s passionately curious and has a great enthusiasm for technology, art and fashion. You can find her always on the look out for the next challenge.

An annual showcase of new films from Italy presented by Cinecittà Luce and the American Cinematheque to show the best of Italian Cinema in Los Angeles with opportunities to meet the filmmakers and actors who created the films in the program. Supporte

A native Italian born and raised in Palermo, Tiziana relocated to the USA in 2011, taking with her a profound passion for Italian culture and traditions, as well as a wealth of experience in administration, management, public relations and networking

Giuseppe Clemente was born in Pozzuoli NA 1960, where he served for his military service in the Italian Army/State Police. Professional helicopter pilot for an aero medical service, he has moved to the US in 1988. Military historian. Married to Gina

Coldiretti is Europe's largest agricultural professional organization, with a membership of more than one million and a half farming families. Through its far-reaching, highly-developed structure, it provides qualified personnel who offer the standar

Maria Teresa is a journalist based in New York since 2000. She is the curator of the exhibition "Make in Italy" in New York, together with Riccardo Luna. She writes about economics, business, hi-tech and current affairs as a regular contributor to th

As the heirs of expertise passed down through the centuries, artisans and small business owners are the engine that drives the productive future of Italy. Confartigianato Imprese stands by their side through the activities of its 118 local associatio

Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, with a voluntary membership of more than 150,000 companies of all sizes, employing a total of 5,445,111 people. The association's activities are aimed at

Beth Connolly is the Manager, Development and Communications with the National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW). Beth's diverse communications background includes experience in public relations, marketing, websites, and social and digit

Cookie is an accomplished Italian American writer and has interviewed many notable Italians and Italian Americans, including Il Volo and Joe Mantegna. She's had several stories published in the series of Mother's Miracle books and in the San Francisc

Giuseppina is a freelance, translator and web writer. She has a bachelor's degree in languages, and she's keen on writing, photography, philology, art, travelling. She has been collaborating with the Museo del Cognome since November 2013.

Valter was born in Chieti. After completing his education at the Air Force Academy of Pozzuoli, he moved to USA in 1991 where he started his career in the civil aviation and real estate. He has been member of the Comites since the committee elections

Destinazione Italia is designed to attract investment that will support the Italian economy by opening new enterprises and production facilities, reorganising existing businesses, capitalising and financially strengthening our companies, exploiting o

The DIA has been a beacon of culture for the Detroit area for well over a century. Founded in 1885, the museum covers 658,000 square feet that includes more than 100 galleries, a 1,150-seat auditorium, a 380-seat lecture/recital hall, an art referenc

The mission of Go Learn is to combine education with a vacation; to facilitate deeper connections between travelers and the communities they visit through unique and authentic experiences, allowing to explore the world with hand-selected U of U facul

Marco Maximilian Elser was born in Rome of an American father and Italian mother, then moved to NYC, only to return to Rome about 30 years ago. He received a Degree in Economics from Harvard College in 1981. Marco was the President of the Harvard Clu

Bill is an independent writer and consultant on international affairs, based in London and Somerset. He was Editor of The Economist, the world's leading weekly magazine on current affairs and business, from 1993 until 2006. Now, he is involved with b

The Ente Friuli nel Mondo is an association founded in Udine on June 20, 1953 and recognized of regional interest by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Ente promotes links with Friulian emigrants in Italy and in the world. The Ente has

From May 1 to October 31 2015 Milan will host the Universal Exposition, an event that remains an unmissable showcase for Countries of the world, where they can show the best of their technologies and innovations, and thus stimulate human progress. "F