Festa Italiana brings pasta, Ferraris And accordions The Gateway

Sep 12, 2022 190

What is the old-style? Italian What would a 21st-century shopping center look like with a festival? “Gateway obviously has a more modern feel, but we’re trying to recreate that atmosphere of a street fair,” says Nick Fuoco, organizer of Festa Italiana happening Saturday Sunday, Sept. 17 and 18 at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.

“The booths are all clumped together, and you have a lot of people walking around,” Fuoco said. “You’ll hear a lot of Italian. You’ll hear street music throughout the entire festival. We have street performers, like in any big city, or Italy. So there’s an atmosphere we try to create down there. So if people just want to come down and buy something to eat, or sit and listen to music, we just want people to come down, to make it available, and let everyone enjoy the culture.”

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SOURCE: https://huntdailynews.in

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