Contessa Aurora de Petris Fraggianni Busy with Television Series and Public Appearances

May 23, 2019 1177

Contessa Aurora de Petris Fraggianni appears as herself in many episodes of the popular series Proper Manors, which is filmed in Utah. Proper Manors is a soap opera about a group of recently graduated teenagers in the small town of Proper, USA. They begin to discover that they are all merely pawns in the games that the adults of Proper play. Season two will begin in the fall of 2019 on Amazon Prime according to Fraggianni.

The Italian government conferred the title of Contessa on Fraggianni in 2004. The honor came about as the result of research of her Italian heritage. The Contessa now spends much of her time traveling throughout the United States and Canada to participate in public events, such as parades and celebrations. She promotes the economics and great relationship of culture and heritage with Italy.

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