Announcement of new RAI Documentary concerning Italians in Utah

Apr 11, 2014 2184

A documentary concerning Italians in Utah will air on Italian national channel, RAI 3. The documentaty is part of a weekly magazine on World's event called "Agenda del Mondo" (World's Agenda), a report program by the third channel news TG3.

The program includes interviews with Italian Consul General of San Francisco Mauro Battocchi; Italian Honorary Consul Mike Homer, Monsignor Mayo of the Catholic Diocese, Comic artist Salvatore Velluto, Utah restaurant owner Valter Nassi; and University of Utah instructor and lecturer Giuliana Marple.

Filming and production were managed by Kelly H. Nelson of Woosh Productions and Carly Nelson of Lagniappe Productions, both Salt Lake City film producers.

Additional aerial drone shots were made by Salt Lake City based Tristan Buhler and Tyson Call of Full Collective Media.

The author of the documentary is Roberto Dal Bosco, a video-artist who recently visited Salt Lake City to screen his Renaissance animated painting video-work at The Leonardo, and remained captivated by Salt Lake City, its energy, shapes and stories, including the many Italian contributions.

The program will be broadcast on Saturday night of April 12 at 00:45 ca.

Starting from Sunday April 13, the video will be available on the "Agenda del Mondo" TV program's website

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