Along the Aurelian Wall: Highlighting the A-B-C's of Ancient Rome

Feb 04, 2019 427

When: Wed, February 27, 2019 time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST - Where: Italian Cultural & Community Center, 1101 Milford St, Houston, TX 77006

In 271 AD, the Emperor Aurelian began the construction of a defensive wall around the city of Rome. The wall, known as the Aurelian Wall, surrounded the city in a circuit of 19 kilometers or about 12 miles with a fortification that was 8 meters (12 feet) high. This barrier was designed the thwart attacks by barbarian armies, but it also defined a boundary for the city along which were the aqueducts, the cemeteries, and, after the construction program of the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century AD, the Christian basilicas of Rome.

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