2018: Newly elected ICCC Board members

Nov 14, 2018 683

BY: Kathryn Brough

Dear Italian Cultural & Community Center Members, as per Section 6.03.4, if the number of candidates who have timely qualified equals (or is less than) the number of vacancies, the President may dispense with sending out ballots and all candidates who have timely qualified shall be declared winners. We are proud to announce that the following became Board Members at the November 8, 2018 Annual Meeting, of the Italian Cultural & Community Center.

Diane T. Aquila is an Italian American, and mother of eleven. Her family relocated to Houston in 2007, when her husband, Dominic A. Aquila, was appointed Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas (UST). Soon after their arrival in Houston, they joined the Italian Cultural and Community Center (ICCC). Dominic served on the ICCC board for three years and was part of the team that brought Festa Italiana to the campus of the University of St. Thomas. 

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SOURCE: http://www.iccchouston.com/

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