A wonderful Christmas party from the Italian Honorary Consul in Orlando, Antonietta Brancaccio

Dec 10, 2022 768

Almost a year after the appointment of the Italian Honorary Consul in Orlando, the Consul Antonietta Brancaccio wanted to celebrate a Christmas party on the occasion of December 8, in Italy the Feast of the Immaculate Conception: "a holiday that marks the beginning of the Christmas season in the beautiful country, and the formation of the family, a very important value in Italian culture." This is how the Consul opened her speech after due thanks.

The event was held at the exclusive Citrus Club in Orlando, FL. The ceremony was held on the 18th floor where one could admire the entire city with its countless lights. The building was illuminated in tricolor to honor Italy for the occasion, with Italian background music, an Italian menu and Italian wines.

Present at the ceremony were representatives of local organizations and institutions. Among the guests were Consuls from Domenican Republic, Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, France, Austria and Iceland. Also tehre were representatives of the international airport and airport guards, department of international commerce and chambers of commerce.

Among the representatives of the Italian community were the head of the Department of Italian at the University of Central Florida Prof Mazzucchelli, researcher Dr. Casu of the famous Advent Health complex, the President of the Palm Beach Circle, and the President of the cultural exchange association Tony Philips.

The consul won over guests who congratulated her in the aftermath through social media posts, calls, and congratulatory messages. The representatives of the institutions said they were extremely happy and welcomed the proposals of Consul Brancaccio who intends to strengthen the Italian presence in Orlando and establish collaborative relationships with the institutions.

An event marking the Consul's debut in society in an official capacity, accompanied by her husband Domenic Balzano for the occasion.

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