ICI Scholarships Available

Jan 20, 2013 1895

The Italian Cultural Institute of Louisville was formed to celebrate and share Italy's unique history and culture with this community through educational programs and sponsored events. The Institute awards scholarships of up to five thousand dollars to individuals in this region who demonstrate the ability to bring us a better understanding of Italian art, history, literature, music, wine, food, or some other aspect of Italian culture. We particularly want to support projects by creative artists, by undergraduate and graduate scholars, and by scholars who have completed post-graduate work. We want the scholarship recipients to personally exhibit or describe and discuss their completed projects with the members of the Institute in a meeting open to the community.
If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, send the Institute a finished 500 word description of your proposed project which explains clearly its connection with Italian culture and tells how you will benefit personally and professionally from doing it and what benefits it will offer to this community.
To apply, go click on Education to download the form for your category. The Institute's Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applications and interview finalists before deciding on the awards.
The application deadline is March 15, 2013. No exceptions.

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