Grimaldi Candies founder who popularized chocolate-covered potato chips dies at 87

Sep 21, 2020 240

BY: Rick Neale

Strolling a grocery snack aisle in 1961 in Miami, candymaker Vincent Grimaldi started brainstorming for new ideas to take back to his job at a nearby French confectionery.  Then he spotted a bag of potato chips. “So he goes back and he says, ‘Well, I’m going to try something. I’m going to try doing some potato chips in the chocolate.’ And everybody goes, ‘Oh no, no way. You’re crazy. No way,’ " said his son, Vinnie Grimaldi.

“They ran the chips, and they were supposed to save some for his boss. One person tried it and said, ‘Oh my God! These are so good’ — and everyone had to try it. And before you knew it, they were gone,” he said.

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