Ferragosto 2015 at Il Circolo

Aug 28, 2016 823

Il Circolo, the Italian Cultural Society, has as its goal to preserve and promote the Italian culture. Not widely-known to many, August 15 is a celebrated day in Italy. It's virtually impossible to find any places of business open because this is the day when families go to the beach or other places of relaxation and take time off to rest and enjoy the summer. This day may extend to a week or perhaps even longer. Although originally a religious-observance day, it has evolved to be one of the most cherished times of the year for all.

To commemorate Ferragosto, as this day is called, Gino's Market in Hollywood, FL held a feast on August 14 inside the marketplace with food, wine, music, entertainment and demonstrations of mozzarella-making. Among the attendees were Il Circolo members who feasted on Italian delights and enjoyed the hospitality of their hosts, JMV Media Group owner, Jenifer Mangione Vogt, and owner of Gino's Market, Anthony Paparella. Put August 15, 2017 on your calendar and check out when Gino's will celebrate Ferragosto next year. It's an event unlike any other. Visit www.jmvmediagroup.com and www.ilcircoloflorida.org for more information.

Source: Il Circolo

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