Ciancia: our annual Christmas party

Dec 09, 2013 1714

The time of the year is here when Ciancia hosts the greatest and most attended event of the year: la Festa di Natale. Come celebrate with us the most cherished holiday in Italy, and take a chance to support our club's activities. Our committee is making a great effort to make this a memorable party.

Our Festa features great food, rivers of Prosecco and mounds of Panettone, fabulous people, live opera singers, news and our great raffle for a gift basket so lavishly assembled you will hardly be able to carry it home. This is also our annual fund-raiser – please, read below for this special event's door policy. This is Ciancia at its very best and you don't want to miss this evening!

Don't miss an opportunity to celebrate Ciancia's 22nd year and take the club you so love to the next level. This great and festive event is taking place at the home of Tito Mazzetta.

Tito's career begins in Italy, serving as officer in the Italian Air Force and as engineer for the Italian NATO. An exemplar curriculum of studies followed, with a doctoral Degree in Political Science from the University of Rome, Italy. In 1984, after moving to the US, he obtained a Juris Doctor Degree from the Woodrow Wilson College of Law, in Atlanta, Georgia, and many more titles. Contrasting with his jovial and good-humored personality, his high-caliber honors go as far and high as being admitted to the practice of Law in the Court of Appeals of Washington, D.C. and in the Supreme Court of The United States of America. These are honors reserved to people who can successfully argue, which may be something you may want to test yourself on, if you are up to the challenge. Tito always is! A veteran citizen of Atlanta, Tito was part of the ACOG Atlanta Committee Olympic Games as Italian Olympic Envoy. He is Trade Analyst in charge of market research, promotions for The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) in Atlanta, and currently the President of the Italian American Business Council, which gathers industrial operators and Italian entrepreneurs in the region. Tito has his own Law Practice specializing in International Private Law, Immigration Law, Marital Law, Corporate Law, case management of domestic and foreign litigation, International corporate and commercial transaction, foreign investment, Entertainment Law, Real Estate Law and International Arbitration – a one stop shop, which is another way to say that Tito may not specialize but in his famous jokes.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 @ Tito Mazzetta 7:00 pm
1166 Byrnwyck Court
Atlanta, GA 30319

Directions: If you take GA 400 form Sidney Marcus, after the (now closed) toll booths, take the Glenridge exit, prior to crossing I-285, then make a right toward the hospital complex, then a left turn on P.tree-Dunwoody and proceed for 1/3 of a mile. (If you are traveling on the Northern tract of I-285, exit at Peachtree-Dunwoody. At the end of the ramp, you would turn inside the perimeter, toward the Hospital Complex, then make a left turn on Johnson Ferry Rd.) Make a right turn (eastward) on Johnson Ferry Road, just past St. Joseph Hospital. At the very first split, bear on your left hand side on Old Johnson, you will see a small turnaround. The first right puts you on Old Johnson Ferry Rd. Slow down, for you need to make a left turn on the first subdivision, called Byrnwyck Subdivision. Stay on on Byrnwyck Place, then make your a left turn on the third intersecting street, called Byrnwyck Court. The house is on the right hand side by the cul de sac. Please, park in such a manner as NOT TO BLOCK neighboring driveways. Thank you!

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