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Mar 24, 2021 712

Welcome to the "Stanze Italiane": a new web platform created by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. This project will feature new contributions on art, literature, music, design and landscape. The first "Stanza" is dedicated to Dante on the 700th anniversary of his death

The promotion and dissemination of Italian culture in the world has not stopped and will start anew thanks to the possibilities offered by digital technologies, which make it possible to aggregate and coordinate a network of people whose aim is to make Italy and its treasures always feel close, even thousands of kilometers away.

This is the birth of "Stanze Italiane", a new web platform created by the newly appointed director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Fabio Finotti, just a few weeks after taking office in the prestigious headquarters on Park Avenue. This initiative will offer - not only to New Yorkers but also to all those who love Italy and what it represents - new contributions on art, literature, music, design and landscape.


On the occasion of the Dantedì (Dante's Day), we launch the first room, Dante's Room (visit here):

From Wednesday, March 24
Review exhibition of "Dante 'prezioso' 1321-2021", a brooch in gold, enamel and diamonds designed by artist Mimmo Paladino and created by designer Cleto Munari.
Alba Cappellieri and Fabio Finotti interview with Mimmo Paladino and Cleto Munari.
"Dante, Paladino and the stars", a text by Fabio Finotti.
Cleto Munari and Mimmo Paladino biographies.
The soundtrack is Hell I, for cello and strings, by Giovanni Sollima, inspired by verses of the Inferno.

From Thursday, March 25
"Dante Ipermoderno. Illustrazioni dantesche nel mondo 1983-2021", preview of the exhibition and interview with the curator Giorgio Bacci.
Curator's essay on the exhibition.
The soundtrack is Laborintus II by Luciano Berio.

From Saturday, March 27
Dante - Inferno: preview of the exhibition set to open in the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, that will later travel to Florence and other Italian cities.
Interview with Leonardo Frigo, a young Italian artist, about his latest creation "Dante Alighieri Inferno", dedicated to the first Cantica of the Divina Commedia.

From Sunday, April 3
The Alighieri after Dante: an interview with Alvise Serego Alighieri on the estate purchased by Dante's son Pietro in the 14th century, and still inhabited by the family.



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