Talking Tuscany

Feb 21, 2014 1328

by Carla Hunt

In the same way that Italy continues to be the top pick for all kinds of travelers, for the ninth year in a row, Italy topped Recommend's list of Readers' Choice Award for the Best Destination in Europe. Taking top favorites a step further, the Tuscany region is a favorite among the more than three million American travelers who journey to Italy each year, more than half of those are repeat visitors. With such a robust market, the Italian National Tourist Board was a major sponsor of two Buy Tuscany workshops held recently, one taking U.S. travel professionals to Florence last October, followed by tourism suppliers from the region bringing Buy Tuscany directly to the U.S. market, hosting workshops this month in New York and Los Angeles.

And, supplementing this U.S. promotion, Recommend was lucky enough to be invited to Destination Tuscany 2014, a special event hosted by Eugenio Magnani, director of the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT); Alberto Perruzzini, director of the Regional Agency of Tourism Toscana; and James Bradburne, director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation. 

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