Presentation of the book "10 Italian stories"

Dec 01, 2015 1144

Date: Saturday, December 05, 2015 - Hours: 11:30am

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute of New York

Organized by: ICI - In collaboration with: RAI Cinema- MoMa Film

10 ITALIAN STORIES is a table book created in collaboration with Rai Eri (RAI's publishing company), which includes the best images taken from the backstage of the ten movies that were donated to MoMA by RAI Cinema. Antonio Monda (Italian writer, film director, essayist, and professor) will interview director Matteo Garrone using the same format of his famous "Le Conversazioni," a global literary festival that takes place in Capri, New York and Rome. PLEASE NOTE: RSVP, ONLY. Luncheon to follow.

Celebrating many decades of supporting visionary directors, the Rai Cinema catalog is filled with essential titles past and present. This selection of ten films from the past fifteen years gives a strong indication that future generations of cinephiles will look back at this era with nostalgia of their own. Because they are also all recent additions to MoMA's collection, it is certain that they will be as beautiful to behold then as they are now.

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