“Little Italy” has Big plans for the future! italytheater unveils its plan for an Italian American Cultural Roadmap at the Italian American Museum

May 20, 2014 1398

In keeping with the mission of the Italian American Museum, located in the heart of New York City's iconic "Little Italy", the newly created italytheater plans to create an Italian American "Cultural Roadmap" which promises to become the richest portfolio in the United States of Italian inspired activities, soirees, and educational programs, all meant to showcase the best of the Italian community's past, present and future through artistic expression.

Starting in September 2014, italytheater will produce at the Italian American Museum: Italian Theater Practicum courses and workshops, new plays and recitals, together with programs for children and schools, plus Italian movie nights and discussion forums.

This new cultural initiative builds on the successful inaugural production of 'Visit to Relatives', written by Aldo Nicolaj and directed by Vittorio Capotorto, which took place on March 5, 2014 at the Italian American Museum. The cultural roadmap will create a precious bridge between identities, highlighting italytheater's creative and innovative vocation and making the activities at the Italian American Museum 'must-see' cultural programs aimed at exploring the heritage and future of the Italian American community.

'We are excited about this new relationship which will leverage Theater and other artistic genres to give voice to new artists, create cultural access for children and schools, and share in new ways all the beautiful stories that the Italian American Museum protects and promotes with its invaluable work', say the founders of italytheater Vittorio Capotorto and Francesco Pagano.

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