The Legacy of Two Remarkable Men

May 02, 2022 624

BY: Janice Therese Mancuso

In the early 1850s, a cottage in Staten Island, NY, became the home of an inventor and a revolutionist. Both born on Italian soil, one lived in the house, the other was a guest. Collectively, their accomplishments ranged from creator to warrior. After working together for several years, each continued his own path to fulfill a dream.

In 2002, the U. S. House of Representatives officially confirmed “that the life and achievements of Antonio Meucci should be recognized, and his work in the invention of the telephone should be acknowledged.” Born in Florence in 1808, Meucci was educated in the sciences, becoming a technician and mechanical engineer. His work in the operation of transmitting sound in theaters led him to design a wire-based device for speaking and hearing from a distance.

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