Italian Reputation Award in New York

Mar 26, 2024 1278

The Italian Reputation Award ceremony was held at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, an esteemed recognition for individuals who have distinguished themselves in the reputational field through constant commitment and innovation across various professional sectors to promote Italy globally. The event was hosted by journalist Francesca Di Matteo, who led the sequence of guests and awardees at the Italian culture house in the Big Apple. 

This initiative originated from the collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, directed by Fabio Finotti, and Reputation Research, led by Davide Ippolito, to highlight the cultural impact that Italians, with their professionalism, expertise, and perseverance at work, contribute to strengthening the Italy brand on a global scale. 

Director Finotti opened the award ceremony by reading a letter from the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Maria Tripodi, thanking Fabio Finotti, Davide Ippolito, Pasquale Antonio Riccio of Project Alfa, and Mattia Iovane, director of Il Newyorkese, the media partner of the event. Tripodi described the Italian Reputation Awards as significant for spotlighting the variety of sectors in which Italian prestige operates worldwide: art, music, food and wine, alongside technology, science, finance, communication. She added that the awards are more than just a prize; they are a tribute to the dedication and achievements of individuals who, through their initiative and hard work, have managed to excel, thus enhancing the credibility of the Italian system, a term that has never been more fitting than in today's celebration. 

After reading Tripodi's message, Director Finotti handed over to the Consul General of Italy in New York, Fabrizio Di Michele, who emphasized the importance of this initiative and expressed his joy at seeing such a concentration of Italian talent from diverse backgrounds in New York, as the city is a global hub of excellence. The Consul General Di Michele was the first to present the award, which consists of a coin engraved with the goddess of reputation crafted by master artisan Marco de Luca, to a colleague, the Consul General of Italy in Detroit, Allegra Baistrocchi, hailed by Di Michele as an Italian diplomatic excellence and a role model for this significant and delicate role. 

The Italian Reputation Award was also promoted by RetImpresa, Project Alfa, IARL – Italian American Reputation Lab, and Federmanager Academy. 

Other awardees include Leonora Armellini, John Viola, Basil Russo, Franco Rossi, Diego Pisa, Mauro Porcini, Giuseppe Romano, Gianmario Bertollo, Maria Sole Pavan, Marco Chiellini, Anna Rondolino, with a special mention from Reputation Review for Alessia Panella and Maria Azzurra Rinaldi. 

Pianist Leonora Armellini performed during the award presentation, adding a musical dimension to the evening that was highly appreciated by the audience. 

Participants in the ceremony included Micheal Cascianelli, Head of School at La Scuola d’Italia; Alma Laias from the American Chamber of Commerce; Don Luigi Portarulo, priest of Our Lady of Pompeii; Domenico Veneziano, Director of Urology at Northwell Health LIJ Valley Stream Hospital; restaurateur Ciro Iovine; artist Verdiana Patacchini; Pasquale Antonio Riccio, president of Project Alfa; and journalist and director Mattia Iovane from ilNewyorkese. 

Finally, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Finotti, awarded journalist and writer Alain Elkann for representing the best and most complex aspects of Italian Reputation through his numerous books distributed worldwide, his lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, and his role as President of the FIAC, Foundation for Italian Art and Culture.

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