The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. celebrates Silvia Limoncini Deputy Consul General of Italy in New York

Aug 19, 2021 635

BY: Nancy Indelicato

The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. (IHCC-NY) celebrated the accomplishments of Deputy Consul General of Italy Silvia Limoncini in a ceremony at the Mother Italy Statue on the Hunter College Campus at Pose Park, New York City, in July. 

Comm. Joseph Sciame, President/Chair of the IHCC-NY, Inc., expressed congratulatory remarks for Hon. Limoncini’s successful four-year tenure at the Italian Consulate in New York and gratitude for her collaboration with the IHCC-NY’s programs.  He presented Minister Limoncini with a Star Award trophy for her fine representation and collaboration, stating: “Exemplary service for Italy and us.” 

After serving at the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C., London and Riyadh, Hon. Limoncini represented the Italian Consulate in N.Y., always immersing herself in the work at the Consulate and in the Italian and Italian American community endeavors.  Most recently, Hon. Limonicini was a speaker, along with Mayor de Blasio at the IHCC-NY’s. Dantedi`, March 25th at Dante Park, Lincoln Center.   Most notably, she arose to the ever present challenges serving the Italian citizens in New York during the Covid19 pandemic.   She is now returning to the Ministry in Rome. 

Minister Fabrizio Di Michele, newly appointed Consul General of Italy in New York, graciously participated in Mother Italy ceremony, among his first community events since his arrival in New York.  Consul General Di Michele expressed his appreciation for Hon. Limoncini’s professional representation of the Italian government in New York and her invaluable assistance upon his arrival.  Ms. Limoncini ably served under Hon. Francesco Genuardi, former Italian Consul General in New York., who is now Ambassador of Italy in Belgium. 

Since 2011, the IHCC-NY has been entrusted with the care of the Mother Italy Statue, facilitated by New York Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Dominic R. Massaro, who was instrumental in its permanent location at Hunter College after its disappearance from public view following the World’s Fair in the ‘60’s.  In 2014, the IHCC-NY established its annual tribute to accomplished Italian or Italian American women, usually during Mother’s Day weekend.  Hon. Limoncini was accompanied by her 17 year old son, whom she proudly referred to as the center of her life.  An afternoon of great Italian food and camaraderie followed at the Bella Blu restaurant.  

The Mother Italy statue, created by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Massari, commemorates “The contribution of Italian labor and thought to the development of American life.” and recognizes the American assistance in reconstructing post World War II Italy. The statue is  “Dedicated to the Italian immigrant…symbolic of mothers of every nationality who sent their children to build a nation of immigrants, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the equality of all those who came, and of those yet to come.”  Allegorical figures symbolize discovery, arts, religion, labor, immigration, law, invention, industry, sports, horticulture, and humanity. 

So situated, the Mother Italy Statue acknowledges the bonds between Italy and the United States while representing the spirit of New York City with its varied immigrants, and fortuitously is located right in New York City, capital city of immigrants.

SOURCE: Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc.

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