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Aug 30, 2015 1180

italytime, a 'daughter' of Teatromania, is an international not-for-profit platform conceived by Vittorio Capotorto and Francesco Pagano, and launched in December 2013, with the endorsement of world-known writers Dacia Maraini and Roberto Saviano. Teatromania, the 'mother' not-for-profit organization of italytime – 501(c)(3) – was created in 1999 and is registered in the New York State.

Our MISSION: share with the world the irresistible beauty of NEW Italian cultural experiences.

More specifically, these are our OBJECTIVES:

· To give new artists the chance to create and re-invent Italian arts, design & culture

· To allow kids and teens to nurture their imagination & social engagement

· To include everyone from the most diverse background to exchange contemporary Italian experiences

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