May 04, 2021 423

If you are in the NYC area, PLEASE come out to support the Italian American community in NY’s historic Little Italy on Mulberry Street. The Archdiocese of New York has called for a 6PM MEETING on TUESDAY, MAY 4th, 2021 at the historic Most Precious Blood Church (113 Baxter Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy).

These meetings usually don’t bode well for our historic Churches, and this one is home to the National Shrine of San Gennaro, and its from his building - BUILT WITH DONATIONS FROM THE LOCAL ITALIAN COMMUNITY - that the San Gennaro NYC Feast originates each September!

If YOU are Proud To Be Italian we NEED you to come out and show the size and passion of our community. Somehow, historically Italian Parishes are closed at an alarming frequency, and we need to show the Archdiocese Of NY that our devotion to Most Precious Blood Church, San Gennaro, and the Feast Of San Gennaro are not to be disregarded!

SOURCE: John M. Viola

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