Designate 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights as a Historic Little Italy Commercial District

Oct 25, 2020 1139

BY: Raymond Guarini

Currently, only two neighborhoods in the five boroughs have Little Italy designations: Mulberry Street in downtown Manhattan, and Little Italy along Arthur Avenue in the Belmont section of the Bronx. Dyker Heights, specifically between 75th and 86th Streets, maintains the most authentic Italian character out of the five boroughs, especially Brooklyn; chiefly because more Italians live in Dyker Heights than most other New York neighborhoods.

At the moment, no official designation for a Little Italy exists for any Brooklyn neighborhood despite the fact that millions of Italians have settled here and continue to thrive in the borough. Dyker Heights, in many ways, is the lifeblood of the Italian community in Brooklyn, and New York overall, by virtue of many Italian businesses and an Italian national parish, Saint Bernadette. It would be long overdue for the city to designate an official Little Italy in Brooklyn along 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights.

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