Columbus Parade Remembers the Sunken Ship Andrea Doria

Oct 14, 2019 1074

BY: Josephine Maietta

Cari Amici, this year, AIAE is proud to present for the first time during the Columbus Parade, on Fifth Ave. The Andrea Doria Lifeboat #1 & Bell will be exhibited. The Italian passenger liner Andrea Doria was one of the first liners built in Genova after World War 2 and was the pride of the Italian ship building industry. On July 25th 1956 the Andre Doria collided with the Swedish Passenger Liner Stockholm off the coast of New York.

The Andrea Doria would sink but not before almost all of the 1700 people aboard were saved. The Andrea Doria Lifeboat #1 was one of the boats used to rescue passengers from the sinking ship. On board are some of the survivors.

Ms. Pierette Domenica Simpson ( who was 9 years old at the time) will ring the bell once in honor of Columbus, and once more in memory to the 46 victims of the Andrea Doria. Columbus and Andrea Doria share the same origin: Genova, Italy.

The Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri di Long Island is escorting the Andrea Doria Lifeboat #1 and the bell. More survivors and their families are following the Lifeboat#1.

Looking forward to marching with you or just seeing you at the Columbus Parade


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